Multiphase heat and mass transfer


Alexander L. Yarin
Dr. Seongchul Jun
Dr. Suman Sinha Ray
Dr. Rakesh Prasad Sahu
Dr. R. Srikar
Sumit Sinha Ray
Wenshuo Zhang
Christopher Staszel

Sample Papers

Nanofiber coating of surfaces for intensification of drop or spray impact cooling

Pool boiling on nano-textured surfaces

Drop impact cooling enhancement on nano-textured surfaces. Part I:
Theory and results of the ground (1 g) experiments

Drop impact cooling enhancement on nano-textured surfaces. Part II:
Results of the parabolic flight experiments [zero gravity (0g) and
supergravity (1.8g)]

Thorny Devil Nanotextured Fibers: The way to cooling rates of the order of 1 kW/cm2

Nonisothermal drop impact and evaporation on polymer nanofiber mats

Inverse-Leidenfrost phenomenon on nanofiber mats on hot surfaces

Pool boiling of Novec 7300 and DI water on nano-textured heater covered with supersonically-blown or electrospun polymer nanofibes

Swing-like pool boiling on nano-textured surfaces for microgravity applications related to cooling of high-power microelectronics

Adsorption and mass transfer in granular porous membranes/media due to inserted volatile materials

Detection of vapor released from sublimating materials encased in porous medium

Sintering of compound nonwovens by forced convection of hot air

Polymer adhesion in heat-treated nonwovens

Adhesion of blended polymer films