Filling nanotubes with polymers, surfactants and nanoparticles; sealing nanotubes


Alexander L. Yarin
Dr. Suman Sinha Ray
Dr. Rakesh Prasad Sahu
Sumit Sinha Ray

Sample Papers

Flow of suspensions of carbon nanotubes carrying phase change materials through microchannels
and heat transfer enhancement

Fabrication of drug eluting implants: study of drug release mechanism from titanium dioxide

Renewable and metal-free carbon nanofibre catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction

Intercalation of anti-inflammatory drug molecules within TiO2 nanotubes

Nano-encapsulated smart tunable phase change materials

Room-temperature, open-air, wet intercalation of liquids, surfactants, polymers and nanoparticles within nanotubes and microchannels

Selective intercalation of polymers in carbon nanotubes