Located at 1054 ERF, the Multiscale Mechanics and Nanotechnology Laboratory (MMNL) is operated under the guidance of Professor Alexander Yarin. The laboratory houses several electrospinning, co-electrospinning, solution blowing/co-blowing and supersonic blowing setups. Other laboratory equipment includes Instron Model 5942, several high-speed digital imaging systems (Phantom Miro EX4, ; Phantom V210, 20000 fps; RedLake Motion Pro, 10000 fps ), several digital cameras (including two Nikon digital SLR), two optical microscopes (including an Olympus BX51 instrument), moving microscope Dino-Lite premier, Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorption spectrometer, Gamry G300 potentiostat, QSonica 500 Hz probe sonicator, spectrofluorometer, rotational and elongational viscometers (including a Brookfield DV-II+ programmable instrument), constant force plastometer, an UV chamber, hot press (50 ton capacity) and several linear actuator stages.

The UIC Research Resources Center (RRC) includes a JEOL 6320F Field Emission SEM, a SEM fitted with an EDD detector, a TopoMetrix Scanning Probe Microscope, a TEM/STEM with EDS and EELS, a JEM-3010, a VG Microscope dedicated atomic-resolution STEM with EELS and Cs corrector for sub-Å resolution, a Renishaw 2000 Raman microspectrometer, two mass spectrometers, and a JEOL JXA-733 microprobe system.

The UIC Nanotechnology Core Facility (NCF) is a versatile MEMS/Nano facility.